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Remove concrete from glass

‘How in the world do you remove concrete from glass?’ is a quite common remark at construction sites. It is a good question, because most methods that remove concrete also damage the glass itself. So how do you remove concrete from glass without damaging it? By GLASFIKS International® and its used polishing systems!

How we remove concrete from glass without damaging the material

At GLASFIKS International® from Zierikzee, we have focused our resources into the development of our polishing and cleaning systems and at the end our glass coating to finish. The effect of this coating is two-fold. First, the agent does not allow dirt to stick to the glass, such as limescale and concrete in an efficient way. Second, the agent acts as a coating that actually sets in the glass, becoming part of its structure. This is possible due to the extremely thin film (less than max 2 micron) that is formed during the cleaning process. The result is a crystal-clear window which is protected against future contamination. Or in short, exactly what you are looking for.

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