What is glass used for?

We don’t always realize that without glass the world would be very different. Glass is used in all sorts of ways. Practical examples are houses, boats and cars. But it also has aesthetic purposes. Can you imagine what it would be like if there were no mirrors…?

Your glass protects you, but what protects your glass?
reflectie Seen under a microscope, glass has a rough surface, similar to a crater landscape, with peaks and valleys. Impurities fill up these valleys, react chemically to the glass and form a fixed connection with the surface. Then the glass becomes dirty, discolours and loses its transparency and is difficult to clean and keep clean.
Your glass conservatory, your glass shower wall, your sandblasted doors, your home, office building or boat, all these valuable possession are exposed daily to numerous harmful influences. It’s not just natural air pollution but also pollution caused by weather and scratch damage due to (re) construction activities or worst still, vandalism.

What can Glasfiks do for you? New glass is clear, bright and transparent, easy to clean and maintain. Glasfiks ensures that your glass maintains the appearance and characteristics of new glass for as long as possible. So Glasfiks fulfills an important demand.

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