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  • Our techniques comply with the highest ISO standard
  • Thoroughly tested by TNO Eindhoven
  • Restoring scratches and imperfections

Acrylic polishing

Did you know that acrylic polishing greatly reduces scratches and imperfections? It is a great method to treat your bathtub, shower tray or caravan windows with. The thing with acrylic polishing though, is that you need proper equipment and in-depth knowledge about polishing techniques. And that is why you contact GLASFIKS International® from Zierikzee in the Netherlands. No matter the size of the job, our experts make sure that you get exactly what you paid for, an exquisitely polished surface, protected against scratches and possible weather conditions.

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Acrylic polishing according to the highest standards

So, why would you choose a Netherlands based company instead of a company within your vicinity? Because you are looking for the best possible quality of course! The acrylic polishing techniques developed by GLASFIKS International® have been thoroughly tested by the TNO in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This is the highest institution in the country, regarding applied scientific research. As a result, our techniques comply with the highest ISO 614 standards for glazing and polishing.

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Whether it is cars, boats and ships, caravans, bathtubs or anything else that requires acrylic polishing, GLASFIKS International® is happy to help. Tell us what you need, and we will send you an accurate quotation on prices and services. Find out all about our services by contacting us via email.

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