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  • Our techniques comply with the highest ISO standard
  • Thoroughly tested by TNO Eindhoven
  • Restoring scratches and imperfections

Window polish

GLASFIKS International® from Zierikzee offers proper window polish and accredited techniques, leading to a perfectly clean, strong and durable window. We offer this service to individuals and companies. Prevent shattered, stained and otherwise compromised glass with window polish by GLASFIKS International®.

Window polish increases your overall wellbeing

Did you know that clean windows allow much more sunlight to pass through into your office or home? Sunlight increases your overall wellbeing and mood and reduces the chance for serious health risks, including high blood pressure and psoriasis. Create a comfortable working environment with lots of natural daylight for happy employees and less sick leave.

Be safe on the road

As you are driving along, you will encounter lots of possible threats to the integrity of your car windows. Small imperfections in the road’s surface can be enough to kick up gravel and before you know it there is a chip in your windscreen. No worries. Our polishing machines remove even the deepest scratches and chips, without affecting the integrity of the window.

What do you need?

Are you looking for window polish for your own home, your office building, or your car? Let us know via info@glasfiks.nl. Our experts will contact you within 48 hours with a precise quotation. See you soon?

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