The GlassDamage-Expert

Building on our many years of practical experience in glass renovation – repairing damage on and in glass – we are able to offer our damage expertise to a variety of clients. We put our knowledge to use in the service of insurance companies and expertise agencies.

But builders, window cleaners and private individuals are also welcome to use our services. For example, to examine scratch damage following a claim. But there may be another reason why you need a detailed investigation. After the investigation, a complete report, which includes any images required to support the findings, is drawn up.

The glass market is constantly changing and due to new innovative developments, the value of glass is growing explosively.

This makes it increasingly complicated to keep the required professional expertise up to date. Because of our extensive experience when it comes to both car glass and ship glass as well as glass for homes and utilities buildings we always provide a solid report. Glasfiks is the right place to be for glass expertise.

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