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  • Our techniques comply with the highest ISO standard
  • Thoroughly tested by TNO Eindhoven
  • Restoring scratches and imperfections

Remove glass scratches

How to remove glass scratches from your office or car windows? GLASFIKS International® from Zierikzee offers a solution. A specialized polishing process is used to remove even the deepest of scratches without damaging the integrity of the window itself. Care to know how? We are more than happy to tell you.

Remove glass scratches in a professional and scientifically proven way

The method used to remove glass scratches from your windows was thoroughly tried and tested by the TNO in Eindhoven, which is in the Netherlands. This is the highest authority on testing for applied sciences. The result of this rigorous testing is a quality that meets the highest possible ISO standards, respectively the ISO 614 and the EN 572-2:2004 standards. After the polishing is done, you will receive on request a TNO report, containing all the details you might need for insurance.

Is this method applicable to all glass surfaces?

In a word, yes. Whether it is a car window, a glass sheet from an office building, or your cracked bathroom window, our professionals remove scratches from practically every glass surface. And that is not all. Due to our unique coating formula, even acrylic services can be serviced and repaired.

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