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  • Our techniques comply with the highest ISO standard
  • Thoroughly tested by TNO Eindhoven
  • Restoring scratches and imperfections

Glass fix

If your glass is scratched or has been damaged otherwise, GLASFIKS International® from Zierikzee can fix it for you. We are specialized in restoring and protecting glass. We make sure that your glass maintains the appearance and characteristics of new glass for as long as possible. Would you like to fix the glass of your car, building or caravan? Get in touch with us and ask for more information.

Problems with your glass? There are several ways to fix it!

Whether you use glass for cars, windows or boats, we are always happy to help. Do you have deep scratches? GLASFIKS International® removes scratches by using a unique polishing technique. This technique has been carefully tested at the leading research institution of the Netherlands. In order to protect your glass, we use several glass coatings such as , CRISTAL CARE® and our own Glassfix Label .This is the perfect solution as it creates a strong chemical bond with the surface. This way, your glass is protected from dirt and limescale.

Get in touch with our experts in Zierikzee

Would you like to improve your building of car and fix your glass? Get in touch with the experts at GLASFIKS International® and send us an email. We would love to hear about your wishes and needs, in order to offer you a perfect solution. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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