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Limescale on glass

In moist environments, such as a bathroom, greenhouse, or even an office building, limescale on glass is a serious problem. The glass gets stained, making it harder to look through, and it keeps out sunlight. GLASFIKS International® from Zierikzee has developed a revolutionary method for removing limescale on glass. It removes limescale, as well as other hard to remove imperfections with ease and without damage to the environment. Read all about our glass coatings by GLASFIKS International®!

Removing limescale on glass, how does it work?

Our glass coatings are an agent that bonds with the service of the glass, thus making it a part of the glass itself. This is comparable to the way Teflon creates a non-stick coating for your frying pan. The results of our  CRISTAL CARE® coating? Great protection due to:

  • A surface which prevents limescale and dirt from sticking on glass
  • A composition that does not harm the environment
  • A water- and dirtproof coating

Because the applied coating settles in the glass itself, the glass is easily maintained and cleaned afterwards.

Start protecting your glass surfaces today!

Time for proper glass protection! Contact GLASFIKS International® by sending an email with a description about what services you require, and our employees will send you a proper quotation as soon as possible.

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