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  • Our techniques comply with the highest ISO standard
  • Thoroughly tested by TNO Eindhoven
  • Restoring scratches and imperfections

Glass renovation

GLASSFIX International® has many years of practical experience in glass renovation. We have been using our expertise to help a variety of clients for a long time. Perhaps we can help you out as well? In order to do so, we, we would love to hear your wishes and needs regarding glass renovation. Based on this, we will offer you a solution that fits your needs. Read on and discover the many possibilities of professional glass renovation.

Remove scratches with efficient glass renovation

Does the glass in your building, car or ship need renovation? We use a unique polishing process that can even remove deep scratches. This technique has been examined and tested by a high research institution in the Netherlands. This testing process has shown that the quality of polished glass meets the highest ISO 614 standard. If you want, we will provide you with the TNO report. Just send us a request.

Would you like to know more?

Are you interested in efficient glass renovation? And would you like to receive more information? We will happily provide you with it. You can contact us by sending an email with a description of your wishes and needs. Once we receive your email, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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